Upgrade Your Yard with These Tips from a Provider of Residential Electrical Services in New Milford, CT

November 3, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

Are you looking for ideas for how you can give your outdoor spaces a visual boost? Here are a few ideas for how you can upgrade your yard:

  • Use pavers for your patio: Rather than just pouring concrete slabs, why not use pavers instead? Pavers are relatively priceworthy and come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. You can combine different pavers to create unique designs in your patio. If one gets stained or damaged, you can easily replace it rather than having to settle for mediocre patches like you would with larger concrete slabs. Pavers come in concrete, clay, stone and other options.
  • Get some new furniture: You have plenty of options for patio furniture. Ready-to-assemble furniture is typically less expensive than pre-built furniture, can be more versatile in terms of storage and moving and often looks and feels just as good.
  • Add a fire pit: After you’ve got a stylish new paver patio and comfortable new furniture, why not add even more comfort to your patio area with a fire pit? There are few things more inviting than a warm fire on a cool summer or fall evening. You just need to make sure you abide by your city’s ordinances regarding fire pits. If your city does not allow an open wood fireplace, you might have to opt for a natural gas version you can turn on with the flip of a switch. You should also check on your area’s above ground versus in ground regulations.
  • Redo your deck: Deck boards experience a lot of foot traffic and are exposed to the elements all year long, which means you need to take care of your deck if you want the boards to last for a long time. Any rotting or scratched boards should be replaced. You should also routinely refinish the deck, beginning with a thorough cleaning and scrubbing, then a brightening and new finish or paint.
  • Add lighting: Not only does lighting improve the safety of your yard, walkways, deck and patio at night, but it also can completely transform the look of your outdoor spaces. LED lighting is especially popular these days, as it uses 90 percent less energy. Therefore, while LED bulbs are more expensive upfront than incandescent bulbs, they offer long-term savings. Talk to your trusted provider of residential electrical services in New Milford, CT before embarking on any electrical projects.
  • Consider rain gardens: Rain gardens don’t just add natural beauty to your home—they also are quite practical. These gardens, designed to have a slight slope, divert water away from your house so you do not have to worry about water seeping into your home or foundation. Use native plants that are already accustomed to the soil and water conditions of your area.
  • Add a water feature: Water features are elegant in appearance, and offer a soothing sound during warm weather. The right water feature is easy to install and maintain, and is completely safe for children.

For more ideas on how you can transform your outdoor spaces, contact a firm providing residential electrical services in New Milford, CT.

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