What Is an Electric Gutter Melting System, and Should You Invest in One This Winter?

November 22, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

In the Northeast, we’re used to the harsh, cold winters, heavy snows, ice and freezing rain. We see everything winter has to offer just about every year. And while everyone knows the threat that weather poses to your car, and even the effects the weather has on your emotional state because of all the additional hours indoors, one fact that often goes under-acknowledged is how hard that winter weather can be on your home.

One really common problem people face during the winter is frozen-over or ice-dammed gutters and drainage systems. An electric gutter melting system is a system of heated wires that are installed above and below your gutters, helping to melt any ice that forms there and keeping the flow of runoff water steady. A residential electrician in New Milford, CT regularly installs these systems, and they truly do save people a lot of gutter-related headaches each winter.

Why do people need electric gutter melting systems?

In the daytime, the snow on your roof gets a lot of sunlight. It does a pretty good job of reflecting it back, but still, with all that sunlight, it’s inevitable that you’ll see a fair amount of melt and runoff during the day. All that water runs down your roof and your gutter like normal, and during the day, it’s fine. Everything works the way it should.

But then when the temperature drops, the water quickly begins to freeze again. Whatever has not already been drained to the ground then forms dams of ice in your gutters. Over time these can become enormous, totally blocking all drainage. They can even become big and heavy enough to pull down a section of your gutter. Electric gutter melting systems ensure that you can avoid the headaches of an ice-dammed gutter altogether this winter. Your local residential electrician can tell you how much better it is to spend a little money now keeping your gutters unblocked, than to spend a lot of money later fixing a dent in your car from a fallen frozen-over section of your gutters.

What’s the electric gutter melting system made of?

At their most basic, they can just be heat-exuding wires connected to a simple on/off switch. Higher-tech versions can be installed by your electrician, and they allow for the type of customization you’ve come to expect from all your tools and gadgets, turning on and off automatically at the hours that are most important to protect your gutters, and when they can do their work most efficiently. These smarter systems might be worth the added cost up front, as most of these systems’ additional features are aimed at saving you money by using less energy.

The best thing about an electric gutter melting system is that, once it’s installed, it’s working, and you never have to worry about your gutter damming over with ice again. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, we suggest you give us a call here at ESI Electric LLC. We’re a highly regarded electrician in New Milford, CT, and can advise you on the best electric gutter melting system for your home and have it installed for you in no time. If you don’t think an electric gutter melting system is for you this year, don’t forget to keep an eye on your gutters this winter. Make sure your gutters and drains are clear and draining properly!

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