Why You Should Hire Professional Electrical Contractors to Handle Your Home’s Electrical Wiring

December 6, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts

The philosophy of doing for yourself what you’re able to do is commendable. It is, in fact, truly American—the ethos of self-reliance and thrift. However, when it comes to your home’s electrical wiring, for all but the simplest jobs, you are much better off hiring professional electrical contractors in New Milford, CT, if for no other reason than electricity is a dangerous and powerful force, and it’s unforgiving when things go wrong. Expert electrical contractors know how to mitigate risk and work on your wiring safely, taking precautions you might not think to take.

Think about it: this might be your first time taking on such a large wiring job. The people at your electrical services company will have done similar work hundreds of times. It just makes sense. But if you’re not convinced, let’s examine the types of risks you might face if you take on a large-scale home electrical wiring project on your own:

  • Fire hazard: The greatest risk of damage to your property comes from the risk of fire. A surge resulting in overloaded circuits can spark, flame and explode. If this explosion or sparking occurs inside the walls, you can imagine what that can do to your wood, insulation and drywall. Often times, these types of problems don’t manifest right away. They happen hours or days after you’ve done the work.
  • House-wide power failure: By doing the rewiring work just a little wrong, you can cause enormous expensive problems. It is possible, in fact, that improper connections can cause power outages, or short out large sections of your home’s electrical system. This requires a professional to perform extensive rewiring and repairs.
  • Improperly installed wiring and violation of city and state safety ordinances: Even if everything’s safe, there’s a pretty good chance that the work of an amateur isn’t going to be up to the requirements of city and state housing code and safety ordinances. That may be fine while you’re living in your home—but if you ever decide to sell your home, that’s going to be a huge and unnecessary headache.
  • Risk of electrocuting yourself: Finally, the biggest risk of all is the risk to your life. The amount of electricity running through your home is enough to do serious harm to you, maybe even kill you, if something goes wrong. And believe it or not, it can be pretty easy to make this type of serious mistake on a large-scale project, as you’re working with multiple wires from multiple sources. Electrical contractors in New Milford, CT are trained to avoid danger and get the job done safely.

ESI Electric is a longtime provider of electrical services in New Milford, CT. We’re fully licensed, certified and insured, meaning we can do any job, no matter how large the scale, with no risk at all on your part. We’ve built a reputation in the area for being totally dedicated to satisfying our customers. We do the little things right. We show up on time and complete work without going over budget, because we know that you have neither the time nor the money to waste. If you’re looking for an electrical contractor for a wiring job in your home, please call us today. Ask about our discounts for seniors and veterans!

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