Wire Hiding Tips from Your Local Electrician in New Milford, CT

March 5, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

From your laptop to your toaster, there are countless household devices and appliances that must be plugged in. Unfortunately, all of these cords can become a tangled mess—especially in areas where you use electronics heavily, like entertainment centers and home offices. Cables and cords can become jumbled under desks and televisions, making it difficult for you to correctly identify cords for different devices. Jumbled cords also detract from the aesthetics of a space and can become an eyesore that makes your home appear cluttered and messy. In addition, these cords can be a major tripping hazard.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with a mess of cords. Put some time into creatively concealing your cords with these tips from an electrician in New Milford, CT and take your cables from tangled mess to barely noticeable:

  • Clip wires away: If you’ve amassed a significant amount of cables around your desk, try using clips behind your desk to string your cords out of sight. You can find suitable clips at a local hardware store or, in a pinch, you can even use binder clips secured with screws to store your cords away.
  • Take advantage of drawers: You can use the drawers in your desk or nightstand to stash away cords and power strips. Simply drill a hole in the back of your drawer that’s big enough for your power strip and you can easily charge your devices and plug in electronics without looking at an unattractive power strip.
  • Hide bulky devices in decorative boxes: Are you tired of staring at your router or modem? Give yourself something pretty to admire instead by converting decorative boxes into storage for your devices. All you have to do is cut a hole in one side of a box to run the wire for your router or modem through.
  • Use paintable tape and covers: There are several different products available that you can use to help you conceal your electrical wires. You can use tape or covers that are designed to conceal cables to discreetly secure your wires along the wall and then paint them to match the color of your room.
  • Go through the wall: If you have a wall-mounted TV, you can conceal your cords almost entirely by running them through the wall. All you have to do is drill two holes in the wall—one just behind your TV and one vertically below it about a foot from the ground. Once you run the TV wires through the wall, you can connect them to a nearby outlet or power strip.

You don’t have to be an expert to find creative ways to conceal your cables, but you should reach out to an electrician in New Milford, CT if all of your electronic devices are overloading your home’s or office’s wiring. At ESI Electric LLC, we provide residential and commercial electrical services, ranging from electrical upgrades to retrofitting. Call us today for help with your electrical needs!

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