Perks and Features of Under Cabinet Lighting

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Are you a homeowner looking for ways to add more light to the inside of your home, but also wanting to add some style in the process? Then consider installing under cabinet lighting, which is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces throughout your home! This type of light fixture helps you see better where it matters most.

Let’s talk to an electrician in New Milford, CT about the perks of using under cabinet lighting:

  • Extra light: Keep in mind that when you decide to install under cabinet lighting, it doesn’t mean you’re replacing the lights in the room. Under cabinet lighting is actually designed to complement the main overhead or plugged-in lighting. This additional illumination can draw light to focus on a work or hangout area and highlight the space’s backsplash and walls.
  • Gets rid of shadows: Even the best home lighting can contribute to shadow formation where you don’t want them. How and when shadows form depends on a few factors, including the time of day, the position of objects in the room, windows and window treatments, height of walls and ceilings and installed lighting. Even if you have bright overhead lights, wall cabinets can be in the way, and shadows will form. By placing lights underneath cabinets, you can eliminate pesky shadows and see better overall.
  • Enhances the ambience: The right under cabinet lighting can significantly improve the look of a space. Like choosing lights for the rest of your home, you can install lights to create a warm contemporary feel, an artsy mood or a rustic vibe. Yes, simple under cabinet lighting can make a difference in the design and ambience of your space! Whether you’re building a new home or planning a remodel, talk to your contractor and electrician about this type of lighting fixture.

Features to consider

Under cabinet lighting is like overhead lighting in the sense that you’ve got options in terms of light color, brightness, lifespan, efficiency and energy savings. The following are some features to consider to ensure you install the right type of light for your needs:

  • Voltage: Under cabinet lighting either has a normal voltage (120V) or a low voltage (12V or 24V), but there’s no notable difference in light quality, energy savings or lifespan between high and low voltage. Homeowners like low voltage lighting because it can be used in smaller light fixtures, like those you’d find under cabinets, and low voltage also produces less heat.
  • Wiring: Your under cabinet lighting can either be hard-wire (connected to the existing wiring in your house) or plug-in (requiring a wall socket). Plug-in is simpler and more affordable, while hard wiring requires a professional electrician.
  • Energy efficiency: Many people today want energy efficient lights in their homes. For the most energy efficient under cabinet lighting option, go with LED, which uses as little as five watts without sacrificing illumination. LEDs are easy to dim and produce little to no heat.

Interested in learning more about under cabinet lighting? Then call ESI Electric LLC to speak with a professional electrician in New Milford, CT!

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