How to Properly Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

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Think you’re having an issue with a tripped circuit breaker? If you have a light fixture or appliance that suddenly shuts down, this is likely the case. Fortunately, fixing the problem is quite simple and will not require you to contact an electrician in New Milford, CT, just so long as it’s not a reoccurring event.

Your home’s circuit breakers are typically located in a gray metal breaker box located in your home’s utility area, whether that’s a garage, basement, laundry room or utility closet. When you find the breaker box, open up the door and look for rows of switches. There may be different types of breakers in a single box, but they all work the same way.

If you do not have a circuit breaker box, you likely have an older electrical system controlled by fuses. This article deals only with resetting circuit breakers.

Here are the processes you’ll need to take when resetting a tripped circuit breaker:

  • Find the tripped breaker: Open up the breaker box and look for which lever has moved away from the ON position. It’s probably the only one not pointing the same way as the other breakers. Most of these breakers have either orange or red markers that will make it easy to tell if it’s tripped, otherwise there should be an OFF label.
  • Turn off all devices: Any lights, appliances or other devices controlled by that circuit should be turned off before you flip the circuit back on. Ideally the circuit should not have any electrical load when you’re working on it. While this is not mandatory, it’s definitely a recommended safety practice, and it cannot do you any harm to follow it.
  • Flip the switch: Push the switch back from the OFF to the ON position to restore power. Depending on the style of breaker, you might need to push it fully off before flipping it back on, but in other cases a simple flip to one direction might be all you need to do.
  • Test the circuit: Turn the lights and appliances on to make sure they’re functioning again, which means the circuit works. If the breaker trips again, however, you’ll need to call an electrician, as there’s some other issue at play with your electrical system.

Make sure you never, EVER handle circuit breakers or even move toward the breaker box if the floor in the area is wet. If these conditions are present, call the electrician, or at the very least wait until the floor is completely dry. Otherwise you risk electrocuting yourself.

In addition, if you have any breakers that trip repeatedly or trip again as soon as you reset them, this is a sign that there’s a more serious problem hidden somewhere in your electrical system.

At ESI Electric LLC, we have years of experience assisting customers with circuit breaker issues. For more information about what to do if you have problems with your circuit breaker, we encourage you to contact an electrician in New Milford, CT today.

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