Recessed Lighting and Retrofits in New Milford, CT

ESI Electric LLC specializes in recessed lighting installation services for residential customers. We can provide your home with a unique and innovative lighting solution that will make your abode truly shine. Recessed lighting installation in New Milford, CT can enhance your house’s value, and make it more competitive on the residential market.

Recessed lighting provides homes with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Low-energy lighting systems make use of modern LED technology to lower your electrical bills and provide a healthier indoor lighting environment. Take advantage of our advanced services, and see how LED recessed lighting in New Milford, CT can transform your living space.

Built-In Lights

Recessed lighting is installed directly into your home’s ceiling or walls, and can be centrally controlled. Here are some of the recessed lighting services that we offer:


  • New recessed lights: ESI Electric LLC can install recessed lighting to both new and formerly constructed homes. Our services can be utilized at nearly any residential property.
  • Retrofitting systems: If your home already has a recessed lighting system built-in, we can retrofit it with LED lights, making it more energy efficient and reducing your home’s carbon footprint.
  • Automated home control lighting: We are capable of installing smart lighting technology. Some systems can be coordinated with your smart phone, and others can be illuminated using an in-home controller.
  • LED technology: LEDs allow you to actually see the color of the clothing in your closet. These advanced bulbs use less energy and are substantially brighter than their traditional incandescent counterparts.
  • Recessed lighting installation: This sleek and modern form of lighting can make your home truly shine. If you are in need of recessed lighting installation in New Milford, CT, ESI Electric LLC is here to help.

Illuminate Your Home

If you are looking to have recessed lighting professionally installed in your home, call one of our knowledgeable electrical professionals today to schedule a free consultation. We can help you make the most out of your living space. Call us today at 860-354-0100 to speak with a professional about the benefits of recessed lighting!